Systematization of theories and methodologies based on real earthquake disasters, and application for seismic design as a new generation technology

Actions for an earthquake disaster prevention depend on knowledge of the disaster mechanism. Our research go for (1) integration of theories and methodologies related to the earthquake disaster mechanism: seismic source characteristics, nonlinear soil structure response, nonlinear dynamic response of structure systems, underground structures, and other civil engineering structures, and; (2) a development of rational seismic design methods for those structures.

Engineering Seismology

Investigation of seismic source mechanisms considering the rupture dynamics. Modeling of deep and surface geology based on gravity survey, microtremors observation, and reflection survey. Development of nonlinear site response analysis considering liquefaction and/or large deformation.


Seismic Behavior of Structure System

Investigation of a dynamic  performance of energy absorbing devices and earthquake-resistent structures. Realization of hybrid experimental systems for real scale structures. Development of seismic design method for soil-pile foundation systems considering pile surface friction.


Development of Innovative Structures

Elastic column accompanied with frictinal damping, Development of damper to reduce sloshing for tanks, Unbonded bar reinforced concrete structure.


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